Thai Massage Dublin Guide Part 2

Thai Massage Guide Part 2

Thai Massage Dublin

by Mai Thai Massage Dublin

1. Introduce each other. Ask for client’s symptoms and honor massage gods.

Thai Massage Guide 003

1.1 Cross feet and push down left-right


1.2 Put pressure on both feet and rotate. Push feet and toes backward.

Thai Massage Guide 004

1.3  Massage both feet and pull all fingers

Thai Massage Guide 005

1.4  Start to massage both legs (front/side of legs)

Thai Massage Guide 006

2.1  Warm up right sole.  Massage 3 positions by  using both thumbs back and forth.

Thai Massage Guide 008

2. Move to left side of client as in the picture below.

Thai Massage Guide 007


Position 1: Move your body forward (picture).  Straighten your waist and back.

Position 2:Push from your toes (knee down with toes up)

Position 3:Push from your toes (knee down with toes down)

Hand at Position 1: Thumbs at 180 degree angle

Hand at Position 2: Thumbs at 45 degree angle

Hand at Position 3: Thumbs at 90 degree angle

2.2 Massage ankle. Count from 1-10 and release

Thai Massage Guide 009

2.3 Start to massage calf with 3 positions back and forth. Use both thumbs (Sit and hand positions, refer to section 2.1).

Thai Massage Guide 010

2.4 Massage upper leg with palms. Put one hand over the other. Add body pressure (This is a massage for inside calf position 1).

Thai Massage Dublin Guide 01

2.5 Pull-Push on upper inside leg 3 times. Massage up and down.

Thai Massage Dublin Guide 012

2.6 Massage outside calf back and forth (position 1). This is a stress release massage. Put pressure on foot.

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Thai Massage Guide 013

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