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Thai Massage Guide Part 3

3.  Change sitting position (picture) and massage webbing.  3 times each (left leg).

Thai Massage Guide Dublin Guide Part 3

4.  Massage ankle (around lymph node), then count one to ten

Thai Massage Lymph node

5.  Stretching method.  Put pressure on 3 spots on upper leg Position 1 outside.  Use left hand to push down on foot (no weight)

Thai Massage Stretch

6.  Thai dancing method.  Left hand/arm on client’s sole.  Place right hand on upper leg without pressure (bend arm).  Put pressure on sole three times.

Thai Dancing Method

Picture shows massage positions both for calf and upper leg

Massage Positions Map

7.  Massage lower outside leg 3 positions

Thai Massage lower leg

7.1  Massage position 2

Massage Lower Legs

7.3 Massage position 3
* Note: Sitting and hand position, refer to 2.1 in Thai Massage Guide Part 2

lower leg massage dublin

8. Massage upper outside leg position 1. Put one hand over the other and press down. Massage back and forth.

Thai Massage Guide 024

8.1 Massage upper outside leg position 2. Use both thumbs and press on leg back and forth.

Thai Massage Guide 025

Thai Massage in Dublin

8.2 Massage upper outside leg position 3. Use both thumbs and press on leg back and forth.

Thai Massage Outside Leg

9. Kneading flour method. Bend client’s knee and massage upper and lower leg (position 1 inside)
Picture: kneading Lower leg position 1

Kneading Massage 1

Picture: Kneading Lower leg position 3

Kneading Passage Position 2

10. Kicking Method – Position yourself same as picture. Use heel to massage inside leg. Stretch your legs. Massage 3 spots.

ai Massage Dublin Kicking Method

11. Sweeping calf Method – Switch from kicking method. Bend client’s left leg and place the foot on your left knee. Prepare to massage calf.

Sweeping Calf Method

Picture: Sweeping calf

Sweeping Calf Method

12. Walking Butterfly Method – Upper Leg
Place your hands same as picture and massage 3 spots.
Put body weight on your palms. Repeat up and down.

Walking Butterfly Method

13. S Method
Cross client’s left leg over right leg. Right hand over client’s left shoulder and left hand over client’s left knee. Put pressure down until knee touches floor. Do it 3 times, move foot slightly each time.

Thai Massage Dublin Manua

14. Fold Chicken Leg Method (Break Chicken Leg). Sit similar to picture and put pressure on upper leg (position 1) from waist to knee. Repeat up and down.

Thai Massage fold chicken method

15. Put knee up and press muscle under client’s leg. Press position 3 with left thumb and move up. Do both inside and outside leg.

Thai Massage Hamstring

Thai Massage in Dublin

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