Thai Massage Guide Part 5

By Mai Thai Massage – Dublin 1 and Dublin 2

Thai Massage in Dublin

Massage – Side Position

Client to face side way as seen in picture

Thai Massage Dublin Part 5

1. Massage sole with arm and elbow (stretch leg)

Sit as seen in picture. Use arm to massage sole.
Use elbow to massage heel.

Thai Massage Dublin Guide 067

2. Massage lower leg 2 positions
2.1 Massage position 2 back and forth.

As seen in the picture below.

Thai Massage Guide 06

2.2 Massage position 3 back and forth. (stretch leg)

as seen in picture

Thai Massage Guide 069

3. Massage position 3 upper inside leg (stretch leg)

Place one hand on the other and put body weight on.

Thai Massage Guide 070

5. Massage leg (stretch leg) from pinky to heel by pressing thumbs and put body weight on.
6. Massage position 2-3 lower outside leg (bend leg)

Put your hands as seen in picture.
Massage position 2-3 back and forth

Thai Massage Dublin Guide 07

7. Use arm to massage upper inside leg (bended leg)

Place the other hand on client’s waist

8. Massage upper inside leg (bended leg) and press thumbs on leg back and forth.

Dublin Massage Guide 072

9. Massage waist by pressing thumbs all over.

Press on butt cheek. Client may experience a slight burning of tingling sensation.

Dublin Massage Guide Part 5

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Thai Massage in Dublin

10. Massage back 2 positions

Reference picture for back positions

Reference picture for back positions - thai massage

Put one thumb on the other and press on back line as picture
(position 2 is 1 thumb length away from position 1)

Thai Massage middle back

11. Massage upper shoulder line.

Press thumb on shoulder line.

Dublin Thai Massage Shoulder

12. Massage shoulder/neck/base of scalp/temple back and forth
12.1 Massage shoulder.

Press thumb all over shoulder.

12.2 Massage neck position 1.

Use thumb to massage neck up and down.

i Massage Dublin Shoulder

12.3 Massage scalp base.

Press thumb under scalp line and release.

Thai Massage Dublin Shoulder

12.4 Massage temple and head back and forth.

Massage temple and head with thumb all over.

Thai Massage Dublin neck

(Massage the other side and repeat 1-12)

>>>This concludes massage side position<<<

The following video demonstrates a Thai neck and shoulder massage.

We hope you enjoyed our 5th part  the Thai Massage Guide and we expect to bring you the remaining parts very soon. If you gave any questions about our tutorials are about Thai Massage in general you can comment in the section below or else contact us directly at 086 191 1781 at our Thai Massage Spa in Dublin city

Thai Massage in Dublin

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