Traditional Thai Massage Dublin Dublin

Thai Massage Guide Part 1

Thai Massage in Dublin

by Mai Thai Massage Dublin

Traditional Thai Massage Introduction

Massaging has played a very important role in self-healing. Traditional Thai massage has been known since King V and King VI of Thailand.  A very popular Royal message therapist Inthewada, taught his sons Chid Thechapan, Grud, and Yai Seethawathin.

Traditional Thai Massage Dublin

There are two types of Thai massage:

  1. The Royal Massage
  2. The General Massage (Chaleaysak)


  1. The Royal Massage is used in royal palace only.  Therefore, all methods are proper and they only use fingers to massage king and royal family.


  1. The General Massage is used within family or community.  Fingers, elbows, feet can be used.  The sessions are normally long to provide complete relaxation and can put clients to sleep.  This type of massage is very famous and well received.

In this series we will provide a step by step guide about how to provide a Traditional Thai Massage.

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